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▪ Trappist - 1 - for solo piano, commissioned by Tristan McKay and BLUEPRINTS Piano series

▪ When We Last Spoke - for solo viola, commissioned by Kallie Ciechomski 

▪ neither near nor far - for paper and wood, commissioned by Jennifer Torrence

▪ Threads - for solo cello, commissioned by Meaghan Burke

▪ Fiction - for solo bass, written for Ingvild Pettersen

▪ Lullaby - for solo piano, commissioned by Tristan McKay 

▪ Roda - for solo horn, commissioned by Daniel Grabois

▪ Song - for solo voice, written for Christina Ascher

▪ Cy - for solo flute, commissioned by Anne Dearth

▪ Three pieces for Vibraphone, collaboration with Mike Perdue

▪ Nella - for solo percussion, commissioned by Mike Perdue


▪ between words and other things - for cello and percussion, commissioned by The Contingency Plan 

▪ A, open. Open - for violin and percussion

▪ Upon the Wheel - for violin duo, commissioned by Du.0

▪ She was not needing to be changing - for cello and percussion, commissioned by Periapsis Music and Dance 

▪ Travelogue - for 10 or more performers (voices, winds, strings), commissioned by The Great Learning ORchestra

▪ lumine - for piano and clarinet, commissioned by Unheard-of//Ensemble 

▪ letters to my future self - for violin and viola, commissioned by andPlay

▪ If we should meet, here. - for alto flute and viola, commissioned by Anne Lanzilotti and Alice Teyssier


▪ Let me know what you find. - for string trio, written for Chartreuse

▪ Under the Guise - for string quartet, written for The Rhythm Method 

▪ Travelogue - for ten or more performers, written for The Great Learning Orchestra

▪ Hollux Rey - for string quartet, written for The Rhythm Method 

▪ for/sok - for three voices

▪ microtrio - for piano trio, commissioned by neoLIT ensemble

▪ Leda - for string quartet

▪ In summary, In error. - for flute, violin, cello, and percussion, commissioned  by Cadillac Moon Ensemble. 

▪ learning how to sleep -  for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and  piano, commissioned by The Neuveau Classical Project

▪ Milo - for two violins, two violas, two cellos, bass, and percussion

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